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  • Appointments FAQ
    Posted On: Jun 14, 2016

    Questions and Answers about Appointments to AFA’s Boards and Commissions:

    1. To what boards and/or commissions can AFA appoint members and what are their functions?

    See a list of available boards and commissions. For additional, or specific, information contact the board or commission directly.

    2. How do I apply for a position on a board or commission?

    The process starts with you. Complete the on-line application for the most efficient processing, or send a letter to Alabama Firefighters Association expressing your desire to serve, along with a brief résumé. Many boards have similar names, so be sure to state the full and correct name of your board preference.

    Send information to: Alabama Firefighters Association P.O. Box 524 Trussville, AL 35173
    Your letter should include your name, address, and telephone number(s). You should specify the board or commission in which you are interested and explain why you are qualified or experienced in the area of the board’s activity.

    After the appointment process for each board is completed, the résumés are purged from the file. Therefore, it is necessary to resubmit a copy of your résumé for each new application.

    3. Do I need to have other people recommend me?

    The Board of Directors appreciates all input regarding appointments. If there are people who would like to express their confidence in you, ask them to submit their recommendation on-line at recommendation or send letters of endorsement to Alabama Firefighters Association.

    4. What happens after I submit my name to the Board of Directors?

    Your application will be acknowledged, letting you know that it has been received.

    Your application is placed on file with other candidates for the same board. Any additional correspondence we receive from you or on your behalf is also kept on file. If additional information is needed you will be contacted.

    At the president call all application received will be sent to the board of directors for review.

    Afterwards the president will call for a meeting of the board of directors.

    Allow district vice presidents present to rank the applicants for each requested position.

    Allow trustees present to rank the applicants for each requested position.

    The executive board will review the ranking from both district vice presidents and trustees and make their recommendation to the president for each position.

    The president will announce the appointment after the selected person is notified and accepts the position. (follow-up with a signed letter of acceptance for record keeping)

    5. Does a member of a board or commission receive any compensation?

    As a general rule, board service is voluntary. However, most boards will cover appropriate expenses that board members incur to attend official meetings of the board.

    6. Can I apply for more than one board?

    Yes. However, it is suggested that you prioritize your choices.

    7. Who do I contact for further information?

    More information on the composition, function, and duties of specific boards can be obtained by contacting the board directly or reviewing the law that established the board.

    For more general information about the board process, please call 205-482-6584.   We appreciate your interest in serving on one of Alabama Firefighters Associations boards or commissions.

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